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Glad to report that all international transports, as well as the move in/out task had successfully done @ ITS World Congress 2018, held in Copenhagen, Denmark this past Sep.

The stuffing of large exhibits at venue was the especially tough part, but we could manage it by helping each other with great partners in Demark!

Copenhagen, the city chosen for this year’s ITS is beautiful port city with plenty of nature.The next stage is Singapore ! If you have any items for ITS 2019, please feel free to contact us.

We promise you the safe & smooth transports to/ from your booth ! (SU)
Cheers!! We finished one project related to transportation system in Montreal, Canada. Although there were some challenging works there, the mission was completed, our client was happy, we supported our brother company on-site … Fairtrans team was hugely successful. We can not forget the tasty wine at the wrap-up party !!
Fairtrans delivered large equipments to an exhibition related to clean business in North America. In this transportation, we prepared a special container to put the exhibits from the ceiling so that we handled them more safely.
In April 2016, severe earthquakes struck Japan’s southern Kumamoto Prefecture, causing widespread property damage and leaving many people dead or injured. Fairtrans has responded with care and concern, organising staff donation programmes to aid victims of the earthquakes with Pico Group. Donations from individual staff members as well as from different business units were collected, and the Group has further topped up the total by matching all staff contributions dollar-for-dollar.
Fairtrans delivered large equipments to an exhibition in Europe.

Logistic Specialists

Providing support to organizers and exhibitors,
helping to delight visitors – Event Logistics Company

Fairtrans International Ltd. specialises in the safe and speedy transportation of exhibition items, and in event logistics services for event organisers and exhibitors.

Our primary goal is to create a good relationship with our clients, allowing us to become a trusted partner and to secure reasonable pricing.

Fairtrans is able to provide a highly flexible range of services for our clients, as a result of our extensive experience, our profound knowledge of exhibitions and events all over the globe, and our strong, reliable worldwide network.

Fairtrans International: your transportation and logistics specialists.

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Expanding worldwide connection of partners enhances our endless challenge for international transport.

We at Fairtrans work as Beyond the Forwarder to meet every customer’s full expectation.